Wayne and Irina H.

Our meeting with Cory was the same as always, with Cory being helpful, knowledgeable, prepared and honest. Excellent advice from an honest and fair source.

Tom and Edith

Our meetings with Cory have been informative and thorough. We trust all his input. I always felt that you need a mega portfolio to have a financial advisor, but I was wrong. Cory has handled our questions and concerns with professionalism. We have nothing but confidence with him and Crescent Financial.

Anna Marie

I would give Crescent Financial a 5-star rating for my recent appointment. I appreciated the great safety measures your office has in place in support of the current COVID-19 restrictions. I also am grateful that I was able to come into the office for an in-person meeting with Kevin.

Sandy R.

I always appreciate speaking with Kevin, it means a lot to me that he takes the time to help put my mind at ease about our future with finances.